Do you recognise that your team needs help? Coaching, group facilitation and training solutions to make a big difference to your team, your organisation and to you.Through a unique blend of facilitation, coaching and training, we take an inside-out approach to enable the members of your team to recognise and celebrate each other’s differences, resolve conflict, enhance their communication and customer service, take ownership and work effectively together for the benefit of everyone. From our regular workshops to specially designed courses, we meet them where they are and then take them through a learning and realisation journey that makes the impact you need.
Group Facilitation and Training

Sometimes teams need that extra help to take on a significant change or work in-harmony and productively. Over a pre-defined period, we work closely with your team to take them forward to a new level, enhance their motivation and focus and create a healthy team environment for them to thrive.

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Team Coaching Programme
Team Leader Training This training course investigates how to engage staff, reduce silo working, ensure the team are all working in the same direction, get the team to support change and how to ensure that your communication is heard.
During the course, delegates get to learn practical skills that allow them to be the best that they can be as a leader and remain true to their own values.

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This is a team-building day with a difference. It is all about team cohesion and collaborative working.
We enable you and your team to understand the team dynamics, respect each other’s differences and strengths within the team so that these differences and strengths can be celebrated and utilised.

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Team Focus Day
Conflict Resolution Group Facilitation Our group facilitation service encourages both sides to find joint values and enables them to safely air their opinions and step away from the emotion of the situation. They are led through a simple process that allows them to understand how the situation is perceived by the other party and then allows both parties to step into the other person’s shoes and respect each other’s point of view.

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Leading Change This two-day course will utilise a unique blend of training, group facilitation and coaching. We initially work with you to really understand the purpose of change and then find out how this relates to all stakeholders and staff. Delegates then work through current challenges and also look at how each area of content can be applied in a practical way in the future.

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Slide If you are going to commit time and money to provide group facilitation and training for your team, you need to be confident that it will have the impact you need. These high content group facilitation and training days are designed to ensure they do just that. They challenge their thinking, provide them with essential skills to enhance their customer service, productivity and effectiveness, supply them with the ability to handle challenging situations effectively as well as developing their emotional intelligence and confidence. Simply click on each area to learn more or contact us to talk through your group facilitation and training requirements, so that we can design a solution specifically for your organisation.

To ensure that all delegates have the required confidence level to come across confidently and authentically on video or on stage and connect with their audience. This is very different from any standard public speaking course as it specifically works on jointly growing the confidence and the delivery skills of the delegate.

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Confident Speaking and Presenting
Professional Boundaries Training Professional boundaries are the limits that help us to develop effective relationships in the workplace. If these boundaries are not clearly defined and maintained, there is likely to be confusion and damage to the relationship. There is also the danger of the professional and the service user being put at risk. This course is tailored to your specific boundary challenges.

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This course provides delegates with the necessary skills to review existing processes, understand the need for change and how to ensure that success is measured and achieved.
Delegates will also be provided with effective project management skills to ensure that they are equipped to manage key projects for the organisation.

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Change Management Training for Managers
Advanced Communication for Success This is a two-day course that is particularly powerful for managers, customer service, sales and business development executives,
and front-line staff and teaches delegates advanced skills to ensure they connect with, listen to, and understand their clients and colleagues.

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Conflict Management Training To enable your line managers and key people to embed the skills to handle disputes and unrest within their team. This one-day course takes a different approach to standard conflict management training as it teaches delegates the skills to look beneath the presenting problem and facilitate the required solution for both the individual and the organisation.

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Slide We have shown here just some of the ways that we can help your team to be more cohesive and work collaboratively to enhance their own motivation and ensure they work towards the company’s objectives. Each group facilitation and training session is tailored to your team’s specific challenges and is structured to enable maximum impact for each individual team member as well as for the organisation as a whole.

Having worked within the NHS and healthcare industry for over 15 years, our trainer and facilitator provides your healthcare professionals, trainees and trainers with some unique workshops to enhance their clinical effectiveness, patient service and mental health. Expertly facilitated, these sessions provide challenging and thought-provoking additions for your staff and trainee schemes.

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Workshops for Healthcare Professionals, Trainees and Trainers

Chris, Operations Manager, Veterans Charity
Training Testimonials

The course was excellent and very appropriately tailored

Antony, Clinical Lecturer Training Testimonials

Very enlightening and enjoyable sessions
Front line worker, Social Housing Training Testimonials

Informative and interesting whilst being fun and a relaxing environment
David Barker, Longfield Medical Practice Training Testimonials

I would like to say thank you for coming into our practice to help implement change. The new ideas and methods that you delivered will be invaluable to help with the future pressures that we face. We now have a chance for our team to utilise your training to increase our future resilience. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any prospective clients. I genuinely feel that you have made a difference.
Charlie Hall, Reception Supervisor, Primary Care Training Testimonials

Where to start? My toolkit has been doubled and my mind expanded. This course will, and has already, benefited myself and my team in a million and one ways! You'd be crazy to miss it if it is offered to you!
Dr M Tennekoon, GP Partner Training Testimonials

Jo has helped us to facilitate and run some very successful group meetings, with a variety of stakeholders, in a professional, productive and entertaining fashion. This has helped with team building within the organisation.


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