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This team leader training investigates how to engage staff, reduce silo working, ensure the team are all working in the same direction, get the team to support change and how to ensure that your communication is heard.

During the course, delegates get to learn practical skills that allow them to be the best that they can be as a leader and remain true to their own values.

The Keys to effective team working

Topics covered in this team leader training include:

• Recognising the differences in the team including:
o Their communication preference and how this impacts the way you communicate with them
o Their filtering and the impact this has on how they see themselves as part of the team
o Their motivational strategies and the need to take these into account and be flexible with both your communication and leadership
o Their levels of maturity and the impact on your leadership style

• The importance of establishing a clear team purpose from the viewpoint of the organisation, the stakeholders, the overall team and the individuals within the team that is owned by everyone
• Ways of establishing a clear team purpose including practical exercises to do with the team that also enables them to step into the shoes of the organisation and the stakeholders
• How to work metaphorically with the team to facilitate the team to understand:
o How they currently function as a team
o How they are seen as a team by others currently and how they want to be seen
o How they see themselves as a team currently and how they want to see themselves

• How to facilitate open, frank and productive discussion around what is important to them as a team, how they and the organisation meet these values and what they can do personally to improve the key areas
• Introducing a clean feedback model within the team to increase ownership and accountability
• The keys to holding an effective team building event or meeting
• The keys to keeping momentum and enhancing the team cohesion on a day to day basis

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