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This is a team-building day with a difference. It is all about team cohesion and collaborative working.
Our team building facilitator enables you and your team to understand the team dynamics, respect each other’s differences and strengths within the team so that these differences and strengths can be celebrated and utilised.
Working in a structured way and utilising a unique blend of group coaching, facilitation and coaching we enable the team to:

• Understand where they are now and how they see the team
• Ascertain how effectively the team currently functions
• Air their opinions safely and constructively
• Understand what is important to them as individuals about their role within the organisation
• Look at the team’s purpose and how it is seen from the viewpoint of each other, their customers, other stakeholders and the organisation, to ultimately agree a team purpose that is owned by everyone.
• Step back and understand how the way the team currently functions affects each other as individuals
• Create a shared vision for how the team will function in the future
• Explore the main challenges for the team going forward
• Identify what each individual and the team needs to function well
• Instil a culture of open, honest and respectful feedback and the agreement to hold each other accountable
• Learn how to negotiate respectfully and effectively within the team
• Establish clear and agreed team standards of working

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Team focus day


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