Team coaching program


Team Coaching Programme

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Has your team merged and are struggling with the change?

Is there a lack of ownership of issues amongst your team members or do you see a number of individuals who are not pulling in the same direction?

Is there a serious lack of motivation or drive within your team?

Talk to us today about how our Team Coaching Programme can transform your team

Sometimes teams need that extra help to take on a significant change or work in-harmony and productively. Over a pre-defined period, we work closely with your team to take them forward to a new level, enhance their motivation and focus and create a healthy team environment for them to thrive.
Starting off with a team-building day and culminating in a team celebration day, these two days are interspersed with six onsite group coaching days where we spend time with each of the sub-teams within your team to look at:

• Their individual issues or differences
• What impact they have on the wider team and the service it provide
• Developing ownership of why they need to be a collaborative team going forward and what impact this will have for them and their stakeholders
• What is important to them as individuals and as a group
• What are their strengths as individuals and as a team and how can they celebrate these strengths going forward
• What needs to happen for them to take responsibility and ownership of both the problem and the solution going forward
• The importance of open and respectful communication and how to give open honest and respectful feedback to each other
• What are the current issues and what needs to happen to resolve them
• How they see the team working together now
• Review their working standards
• Progress reviews

As part of these onsite days we also spend time with the management team (if appropriate) to feedback progress and issues and work with them to find the best ways forward to maximise the team’s success and the level of service it provides.
We are also able to provide one to one coaching for key team personnel.

today to arrange a no obligation call to discuss how this unique team coaching programme can be tailored for your organisation. Contact Us

Team coaching program


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