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Do you sometimes think you have made a decision as a manager or leader but find people still questioning the decision?

Is communication one of the main things your team say is lacking in your organisation or do you personally feel that you are not heard or understood ?

Have you been frustrated by resistance to change ?

Are you looking for a Leading Change Course that gives you the essential skills to manage change effectively and maximise staff engagement?

This two-day leading change course will utilise a unique blend of training, group facilitation and coaching. We initially work with you to really understand the purpose of change and then find out how this relates to all stakeholders and staff. Delegates then work through current challenges and also look at how each area of content can be applied in a practical way in the future.

The leading change course will incorporate the following key areas:
• Understanding the behaviour change iceberg and why it is necessary to get below the surface in order to change behaviours
• Understanding your own leadership style and how this impacts successful change management
• Identifying your leadership purpose
• What is the need for change and identifying the problem or opportunity
• The importance of having clarity of outcome as a team and a clear team identity when it comes to implementing change
• Understanding why your team members may have different maps and motivational drivers and how this impacts the success of change
• Recognising the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, how this impacts effective change management and how you can impact these as a management team
• How to communicate effectively by email and in person when communicating change, recognising people’s individual communication preferences and motivational drivers
• Dealing with the ‘What/ Why/ How/ What if’ in your communication
• The importance of giving and receiving effective feedback and the key things to remember when doing both
• Recognising the effect of feedback on image and identity
• The importance of stepping into the shoes of your staff and other stakeholders, including an effective exercise to enable you to do so
• Thinking through the problems in advance and planning how to handle objections
• The importance of dealing with issues as they arise
• Painting a picture of success

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