Conflict Resolution Facilitation

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Are there issues bubbling under the surface that you know are not resolved?
Are there members of your team who are at logger heads?
Do you recognise a lack of respect in your team and maybe even potential bullying or harassment?
Do you find yourself getting too involved in the emotions of the situation or feel stressed about your team not moving forward because of unresolved issues?
Our conflict resolution facilitation service encourages both sides to find joint values and enables them to safely air their opinions and step away from the emotion of the situation.
They are led through a simple process that allows them to understand how the situation is perceived by the other party and then allows both parties to step into the other person’s shoes and respect each other’s point of view.
We teach them how to really listen to each other’s opinions, and step back from an emotional response, enabling them to understand the intent as well as the delivery. We expedite resolution by providing both sides with a means to recognise and then step away from the emotion of the situation to gain clarity and perspective. Working with all parties involved, the ultimate aim is to enable them to agree a way forward and negotiate a win/win for both parties.

Alternatively, it may be that the relationship is not a good fit for either or both parties and the healthy and most effective resolution is a respectful parting of the ways. In this event we work with you to facilitate the positive conclusion of the relationship for both sides.

This conflict resolution facilitation service is completely tailored to your individual needs and can be part of a team facilitation and coaching programme or as a stand-alone event.

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