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Conflict Management Training to enable your line managers and key people to embed the skills to handle disputes and unrest within their team.

This one-day course takes a different approach to standard conflict management training as it teaches delegates the skills to look beneath the presenting problem and facilitate the required solution for both the individual and the organisation.

Areas covered in this course include:

• Understanding their own conflict style and its impact
• The role of the drama triangle
• Recognising the warning signs
• Understanding the cause and effect of workplace disputes
• How to deal with a fear of conflict and encourage debate in an open culture of discussion
• Why the ability to deal with conflict is crucial to a positive company culture
• The keys to avoiding a conflict situation arising
• How to ask questions to get people looking towards a positive resolution
• Getting to the deep structure of the problem and assessing the wider implications of any conflict
• How to ask questions to dig deep and understand what is really going on
• How to find a joint purpose and commonality of values so that a resolution is sought and encouraged by both parties
• Identifying the core beliefs that underlie the problem

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