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Jo Wilson


Jo Wilson is a Culture Transformation and Team Engagement specialist, Transformational Speaker, High Impact Trainer and Conversational Freedom Coach and specialises in working with companies and individuals going through organisational and individual change. She combines her extensive experience of working with complex teams with Business and Personal Psychology, the tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clean Language and Organisational Development to enable individuals, teams and organisations to optimise their communication, realise their potential, strengthen collaborative working and effect lasting and empowering change.
Jo has taught thousands of people strategies to change their beliefs, see new solutions, feel and sound self-assured, and build an unshakeable bedrock of confidence, motivation and momentum. She is also a passionate and experienced trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
Through her speaking, training and coaching, Jo has an underlying mission to empower and enable people to go beyond the boundaries in their lives, let go of the things that are currently holding them back, live their best life and develop their self confidence and self-esteem so they can feel comfortable as their true self.
Jo is particularly passionate about enabling people to understand themselves and others better and build the resources and skills to deal with difficult and often complex situations. She has been there on the hamster wheel of stress, guilt, over work and feeling trapped. She found her own unconscious boundaries kept her ensnared in a long standing toxic relationship and within an organisational culture of bullying and prejudice.
Since then, she has made significant changes in her life and has experienced the power of moving through these boundaries. She knows from personal experience that it is never too late to change your old patterns and re-invent yourself, your career, your business or move forward into nourishing relationships and live life on your terms.


Key Note Talks from Jo Wilson, Transformational Speaker


We all have unconscious negative boundaries in our lives, business, career and relationships that can cause us to procrastinate and even keep us stuck and unable to move forward or make change. These boundaries can limit our choices and even cause us to stay in a situation that we logically, or emotionally, know is not right for us.

Moving Beyond Boundaries

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Slide During this talk, Jo Wilson will share with you her own journey of moving beyond her own boundaries that had previously kept her in a long-standing toxic relationship and feeling trapped in a organisational culture of prejudice and bullying.
She will reveal how unconscious negative boundaries are initially established, how they are then reinforced over time and the impact they can have on your motivation, self-esteem, confidence and momentum. You will discover the link between these boundaries and your emotional well-being and see how their existence may have impacted you up to now.
Jo will demonstrate how moving beyond these boundaries is possible as she unveils the simple steps you can take to enable you to make the positive and empowering changes that will make the difference in your business or life. You will come away from this talk, not only with a deeper personal insight, but also with an easy to implement blueprint that will enable you to get the momentum to make the alterations and transformations you want or need to make.

Slide Solving the mysteries of difficult conversations


How many times do we avoid difficult conversations in our personal and business lives because something is stopping us? Is it fear? Is it the unwillingness to rock the boat? Or perhaps it is easier just to simply not go there?
How many times does a conversation escalate and you come away confused as to how that happened or frustrated that the conversation ended negatively?

This talk looks at how avoiding such conversations affects your personal happiness as well as your career or business growth. You will also come away with an understanding of how avoiding such conversations can also have a major impact on the motivation of your team and how they see you as a leader.
It examines the dangers of misinterpretation/ambiguity and the hazard of not having the clarity and passion behind your message plus some of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to put their point across or addressing a challenging situation.
Journeying through the secrets of having difficult conversations confidently, your audience will uncover the keys to handling their own self-talk and verbalising their wants, needs and vision with confidence and clarity whilst mastering the art of self-expression.
Jo will also reveal the keys to ensuring any difficult conversation has the outcome you want plus how to manage your own emotional state.


Both keynotes can be tailored to relate to a personal, business or career focussed audience.

Slide Other talks

As a Transformational Speaker, Jo can provide tailored talks that are challenging, fun, inspiring, educational, tranformational and thought provoking on the following subjects:
The Secrets to Confident Relationships
The Keys to Staff Engagement
Making Confident Life Changes
How to Come Across Confidently and Authentically
The Secrets to Bouncing Back From Adversity

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