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This two-day advanced communication training is particularly powerful for managers, customer service, sales and business development executives, and front-line staff and teaches delegates advanced skills to ensure they connect with, listen to, and understand their clients and colleagues.

Teaching advanced negotiation and influencing skills, plus powerful questioning techniques that get to the root of the issue and lead the other party to forward-thinking solutions, this advanced communication training programme challenges your thinking and creates lasting relationships.

Areas covered in this advanced communication training course include:

• Powerful negotiation and influencing models
• How to make people want to talk to you — and even tell you exactly what they really want, even if they’re nervous, unhappy, or just not that talkative
• How to spot the crucial details that get missed in almost every conversation
• How one simple rephrase can change the tone of a whole conversation away from problems and towards solutions
• Powerful techniques for structuring your communication that ensure the person you’re talking to understands exactly what you’re trying to tell them
• How and when to interrupt without feeling awkward or rude
• How to understand and use metaphors (and why this will give you a huge advantage in conversations)
• How to understand your own natural “filtering” in conversations and how you can keep it from causing misunderstandings
• How to really listen and the power this has for your communication

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