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This change management training for managers provides delegates with the necessary skills to review existing processes, understand the need for change and how to ensure that success is measured and achieved.

Delegates will also be provided with the following project management skills to ensure that they are equipped to manage key projects for the organisation

Do your managers and team leaders lack the key project management skills for effective change management?

This change mangement training for managers incorporates the key project management skills for effective change management including:

• Using key Six Sigma skills to understand the customer requirements and define the process
• The importance of mapping and measuring the current process
• Obtaining commitment and support
• Getting the right people on board
• Running an effective change management project meeting
• Creating the improvement strategy
• Creating a strawman process
• The importance of analysing risks and obstacles
• Defining what is in and out of scope
• Establishing key project milestones
• The keys to implementing a process change
• Measuring success
• Engaging people in change
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