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This tailored presenting with confidence training for your key personnel ensures they have the required confidence level and skills to come across confidently and authentically on stage or on camera, connect with their audience and maximise the effectiveness of their delivery.

This is very different from any standard public speaking course as it specifically works on jointly growing the confidence and the delivery skills of the delegate.

Delegates will also hone their presentation and talk to ensure that it maximises the effectiveness of their delivery. It is also an option to have delegates film a presentation during the training or even produce a short high quality training or communication video.

This presenting with confidence training course covers:

• Having the right mind-set before you even get onto stage or the camera switches on
• How to have fun when you’re up there and how to get across your personality
• How to feel total confidence and at ease by implementing powerful NLP based tools and techniques that can also be applied in other circumstances
• How to structure your talk to ensure it hits the mark with your audience
• Ensuring you get your message across and making sure both you and your audience enjoy the experience
• Projecting confidence to your audience and enabling them to connect with your message
• The importance of having clarity on the purpose of what you are saying and what is really important to you
• Simple techniques to ensure that you communicate with all of your audience and know how to use your language to the greatest effect
• Letting go of any limiting beliefs that hold you back and remove past experiences to enable you to move forward
• Understanding a simple formula for keeping audiences engaged
• How and when to use the power of the story within your talks and presentations
• Modelling others and yet keeping an authentic style
• Portraying the right image on camera or on stage
• Review techniques that enable delegates to feel comfortable learning from their performance and giving self-feedback

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